The Bogomolov Bakward Linear Accelerator

January 20, 2012

The reason I have not been posting here for over a week is, I have been busy trying to understand some elements of nuclear physics well enough to write this article.

Nothing to do with Mayan calendar or doomsday freaks, Russian scientists have made some hard to believe discoveries, which ONE, could provide cheap, safe nuclear power everywhere. TWO wreck the Russian economy THREE prevent nuclear terrorism.

The problem is, all three consequences are in conflict with each other.

One of the early signs of conflict was the firing of Professor Igor Nikolaevich Ostretsov from the Presidential Commission for Modernization and the shutting down of his research institute. His sin, the promotion of the Bogomolov Backward Wave Linear Accelerator.

This accelerator makes it possible to create a controlled nuclear reaction using uranium 238 as fuel.

Before we go any further we need to understand the upcoming energy crisis, which is coming in the next few years. All industrially developed countries partially rely on nuclear power to generate electricity. France, for example relies for 60% of its energy requirements on nuclear power.

All plants use Uranium 235 as fuel.

The crunch. Uranium 235 is practically exhausted and the plants are already using U-235 recycled from nuclear weapons.

The world’s fuel sources consist of:

Coal 8.75%, Gas 3.4%. Oil 0.8%. U-235 0.4%. Uranium 238 86%

According to Professor Ostritsov, energy production has to increase 20 times to provide the energy needed for when the world population reaches 10 billion.

Due to the slow process of manufacturing it is possible to build and fuel only two plutonium fueled plants this century.

Thanks to the work of  Professor Alexey Bogomolov and his backward wave line accelerator it is possible to build, sell, distribute nuclear energy plants throughout the underdeveloped world. This is safe to do as this type of plant is not capable of manufacturing nuclear fuel.

Although the Russian government has not pronounced its position vis a vis this breakthrough, as long as it is over dependant on fossil fuels for export, the Russian economy would suffer if the price of oil and gas would fall.

The reactors using Bogomolov’s technology are small enough to fit inside the Russian, largest in the world plane, Ruslan.

Here comes the kicker. It was discovered that the backward linear accelerator can detect the presence of nuclear agents from a long distance. Example, a Ruslan aircraft can detect a nucler aircraft carrier from hundreds of miles, with a directional antenna, it can send a milisecond burst of neutrons that cause the carrier’s reactor to explode.

Some years ago, Bogomolov patented his invention and offered it for sale to the Russian government. The government declined. Bogomolov then offered it to the United States with prior approval of the Russian government. Bogomolov and some of his colleages went to Los Alamos Laboratories to advise the Americans.

This action reveals the general good will and trust the Russian leaders have for the US

Do we need a tra la la happy ending chorus for this story?

Not yet, my friends The doomsday factor must be exposed.

Professor Ostrotsov tells of the world wide hate factor that exists among scientists for the American Hegemon. He claims that the 2006 tsunami was caused by someone testing a hydrogen bomb .in the Indian Ocean.

He further elaborates that it is possible to create a tsunami and direct it toward a specific target with a wave height of 1260 meters (roughly 3750 feet.).

If directed against the US eastern seaboard, such cataclysmic event would have enough energy to splash over the Adirondacks and Appalachian ranges. for all practical purposes the US would cease to exist.

There are forty countries around the world capable of manufacturing such a bomb. In case of the technology being primitive  and unable to precisely create and direct such a wave, it could still wipe out New York and Washington.

It is easy to build such a bomb, says Ostrotsov. The devil is to build one small enough to use as a warhead. In this scenario, the bomb would be carried by ship and dropped to the bottom of the ocean.

How does this relate to the backward linear accelerator?

The Americans are .not only aware of this possibility, but are doing something about it. They plan to build a chain of detectors based on the backward linear accelerators to detect the transport of such a weapon. The planned completion of this defense system is in two years.

Professor Ostratsov thinks some state or terror agent will feel compelled to act before this defense becomes operational.


A traitor in the White House causes the murder of CIA agents.


A geopolitical thriller by Alexey Braguine



2 Responses to “The Bogomolov Bakward Linear Accelerator”

  1. How does the backward accelerator act as a detector?

    • My understanding of nuclear physics is hazy at best. The way I understand it the accelerator measures the travel of particles inside the accelerator so it has measuring devises. OnThe Reverse accelerator, I´ve read, better said tried to read several Russian papers but did not understand them. I was mainly checking that this is not a hoax.

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