Troglodites and Iranian Nukies

November 14, 2011

Imagine the headlines and outrage if an Iranian presidential
candidate promoted torture as part of his policy statements.

This happened this weekend not in Iran but in the United

During a debate on foreign affairs, only former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and
Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) decried waterboarding as torture. The rest of
the pack showed themselves to be brute troglodites promoting torture.

The sad part is that the brutes are ahead in the polls.  The other
disturbing deja vu episode was the release of the new IAEA report on Iran’s
nuclear program. The report, apparently was writen by a commitee of dunces. A
Ukranian scientist who supposedly worked helping the Iranians develop a nuclear
triggering device, turned out to be not a nuclear scientist, but an expert in
artificial diamonds.

The satelite photos despicting nuclear instalations reminded me of Colin Powell’s
bactereological trailers. Except that these could easily be schools in Texas.

Then we had Sarkosi calling Netanyahu a liar. We all knew that. What I would like to know, iswhy Obama has to deal with Netanyahu on a daily basis. Is he reporting to his boss?


Corruption in the White House causes murder of CIA agents.


by Alexey Braguine

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